Sunday, January 20, 2008

To snip or not to snip...

When I found out Little Man was a boy, the first thought that went through my head was "Oh fuck. I have to decide whether or not to circumcise him." It was a really hard decision for me. The academy of pediatrics does not recomend it anymore. It's considered cosmetic, and therefor not covered by our insurance. The man in the house didn't care either way. In the end I think I made an informed decision. The point of this post is to share an article I found about the rates of circumcision in the US. According to this article at babycenter only 30 percent of boys in the west are circumcised. Other areas have a much higher rate. I wonder what that is? If you are the parent of a boy, how did you decide whether to do it or not?


Di said...

Oh my gosh, I had this same concern with my oldest son (now 17). Although it is covered by our insurance I didn't want to do it just because everyone else is doing it. I read everything I could get my hands on.

When I was about 7 month pregnant, my nephew (about 11) had to get circumcised because of repeated infections. Seeing what he had to go through as an older child that was it. I had both sons circumsized.

Although I still don't think that is a great reason, I know now nasty teenage boys can be. I don't think my son washes his feet much less his, um, penis. But that is what swayed me anyway.

Sophia said...

I'm the mother of three girls so I never had to make this decision. However, it would not have been a difficult one for me or my DH. We would not have circumcised.

Bad Momma said...

My husband is Catholic and I am Jewish, though neither of us are very observant in our religions.

When I was pregnant with our first son, we had many discussions on what to do. Things to consider are 1. Is is important that your boy(s) look like their dad? 2. Health issues - circumcision helps prevent infections. 3. Religious beliefs and 4. What will their classmates, cousins and friends most likely look like?

In the end we chose to have our boys circumcised and have had no ill effects. This is a personal decision and the right choice for one family may not be the same for another.

The Mulleneaux Family said...

We had both of our boys circumsized. We made the decision based on health, and other factors also, after doing my homework on it!! It was covered by our insurance at the time!!!

Wendy said...

I am 7 months pregnant with a boy. My husband is not circumcised and we will not be circumcising our son.

I am Christian and do not believe that there is any religious reason in the present to circumcise. It was something that God ordered the Jews to do in the Old Testament. So, it is a law (God's law I mean) that no longer holds true today.

I felt compelled to leave a comment because some of the uninformed comments about circumcising due to health reason alarmed me. The male body produces a natural antibacterial lubricant under the foreskin. This lubricant is no longer produced when the foreskin is removed. Extensive research will show you that it is healthier to leave the foreskin in place.

When it comes to circumcision, don't listen to what people say (even me). Ask doctors a lot of questions and do a lot of research (not just what a bunch of people say on the internet).

Amanda,, Travis, and Izabel Rainha Felton said...

I just had my baby Girl 6 weeks early and she in the Hospital still. Anyway when I found out I was pregent I thought what woudl I do if it was a boy. I ask my Aunt what she did having 4 boys. I read every book I could come up with and in the end it your choice. But what I cam to the concoulusion that most boys/teens/ Men will have some disconfort down there if it not done. If god didnt want it done then why give them the extra skin.
My Aunt has 4 Boys ranging from 40+ to 20+ and she did it. It up to you Stephine. If it realy can help your son to not have discomfort down there then why not.
On the other hand I heard that if you dont get it done that men and teenagers smell more down there. My Aunt works in the Medical feild though she just deals with Blood.