Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weigh in this week

I am down one pound this week. That's a little disapointing, because I know I could have lost more. I stuck within my points all week, but I wasn't good at getting in my water or exercising. So this week I will continue to stay within my points and I will drink 10 glasses of water every day! Because I'm breastfeeding Anthony, I really need to drink lots of water.

I have two cups of water done for today, only eight more to go.

Jeff makes these yummy egg sandwiches. He has always made them, and they are soooo good. But they are generally pretty unhealthy. Eggs, cheese ham and butter usually on a bagel or something. So today, my sweetie made me a lighter version. One egg, whole wheat toast with lowfat cheese. It was so good. And half the calories!

I'm going to go grocery shopping today. Just have to convince the hubs to stay home. LOL He loves to get extra junk we don't need. I have a hard time avoiding junk food when it's in the house.


Tiara said...

You can do it Steph! I'm on a weight loss mission sucks and I am struggling to stay motivated. I weigh in every Tuesday. If it were Spring I wouldn't struggle as much, being stuck indoors completely zaps any motivation to be active for me! Good luck!

Di said...

Good for you! You could also do egg whites, much less. My favorite WW breakfast, an english muffin, two egg whites and half a low fat string cheese. Filling and only 3 points!

I plan to join WW again. I really like the program. I was doing really well on it until my dad died, then I just didn't care. I need to do SOMETHING!