Sunday, May 04, 2008

Busy Weekend!

This weekend was crazy. We had two birthday parties to go to, and I also had some bows to make, birthday presents to buy as well as Target and Grocery shopping. I'm tired! The Saturday party was Diego and I took both kids. It was a little overwhelming just because I would get distracted with Anthony and lose track of Amelia, which freaks me out. Especially because this party was in a front yard so the kids weren't really contained. Luckily the other moms helped a lot with Anthony, which is nice. The party today was a a princess party, it was so fun. I left Anthony home with Daddy, so I got to relax a little more and let Amelia run around. We stayed so long that the party givers didn't know we were still at their house. Us playgroup Mom's were all hiding in the back yard letting our kids run amok. It was great fun! I think Jeff and Anthony had fun together today. Now I'm going to make fish tacos for dinner.

Poor Amelia is so tired she fell asleep in her princess dress in the car, and didn't even wake up when I put her into her bed. Oh and I think she is going to have a black eye when she wakes up. Jenn has this awesome roller coaster toy at her house. Amelia went down the roller coaster and another girl walked out in front of her. Of course Amelia crashed into her and got smacked in the face with what she had in her hand. It was already bruising by the time we left the party.

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Jen said...

Sounds like you guys had a busy weekend. Post the bows you made so we can check out how cute they are :)