Saturday, May 24, 2008

Do something good!

I have two friends, Lori and Marlene, who are both doing awesome things to make someone else's life better. I've done what I could do (donate to their causes) now I'm asking you to help too.

Lori is the mother of two awesome kids and is hoping to grow the size of her family. She is working very hard at raising money so that she and her husband can adopt two special needs children. Adoptions don't come cheap and the cost is in the tens of thousands of dollars. To help her fund raising, Lori is raffling off one of her awesome quilts. The tickets are only $5 and go to a great cause. If you go to her blog you will find the info to enter the raffle on the top right corner.

Marlene has been a friend of mine since before I had children or even knew my husband. She is a wonderful, caring person. Her fund raising is for the Avon walk for breast cancer. This is her second time walking ( I think, correct me if I'm wrong Mar,) and I am so proud of her! She is hoping to raise $2500 before she walks in a little over a month. You can visit her blog here and the page all about her walk and the place to donate is here.

So there you go. If you were looking for something awesome to do with an extra $10, then go see Lori and buy a ticket to her raffle, and then go visit Marlene and help fund the fight against breast cancer. If you've got more to donate, that's even better, but if not that's okay too. Every little bit helps!

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