Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The best job you ever had?

I've been thinking a lot about jobs today. At some point I will probably go back to work (although it's debatable how old the kids will be) and I'll have to figure out what kind of job I want to have. I have had a few in my life, I've worked as a preschool teacher, a nanny, a waitress, an aid in a transitional housing facility for the mentally ill, and a checker in a grocery store. I've also done a bunch of random office jobs, mostly when I was in college, I worked in the college offices a lot. I think the most fun I had though was when I worked as a barista! Yes I had to be there at the crack of dawn, but I was usually done by 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I loved the smell that came from the freshly ground beans in the espresso machines. It was a fast paced job and was rarely boring. I was also 18 and worked with one of my best friends at the time. We had so much fun! Maybe I just remember it fondly because it was a pretty carefree time in my life and it was fun? Who knows. I probably wouldn't want to do it now.


Sophia said...

My most favorite job was doing catering. I think it was because like you, it was at a very carefree time in my life.

Unknown said...

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