Thursday, October 16, 2008


I am constantly amazed at the energy level of a three year old. Seriously, my kid goes all day long and never stops. I think if we got her a hamster wheel she would just run all day long. I wonder if they make exercise bikes that you can hook up to power your house? I have the answer to all of our energy problems. We let the kids burn off some excess energry before bed, and get a break from the power bill at the same time!

No idea why I'm off on this tangent today other than Amelia is crazy and full of energy today. I think she is really missing the Grandmas, they flew home last night. The kids and I are off to costco now, woohoo! Who doesn't love Costco! :-) Must not drain the bank account for random krap we don't need. Maybe I can feed the kids samples for lunch. LOL

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