Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How bizarre!

One of my neighbors has a guy who stays over occasionally. I'm not sure if he lives there or not. The guy is currently standing in her garage with the door open. If he took another step he would be out in our shared driveway. He's standing there in a pair of tighty whiteys and some running shoes. And he's holding a plate and apparently he's eating his breakfast. In between sticking his hands in his underwear to adjust himself. Amelia spotted him first and said "Mommy, why is he outside in his panties? You're not supposed to go outside in only panties. Where's his Mommy?"

I'm still not sure what to say to that. I did close our curtains though...


Di said...

You need to send your husband over to tell him not to be out in his underwear. Tell him you have small children. That should help!

jenica said...

haha. that's too funny. glad you've got good curtains!

thanks for stopping by tonight, i always love to meet new bloggers.