Monday, November 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Last weeks menus went well. I have figured out that Thursday nights don't work well for me cooking dinner, we don't get home from gymnastics until 530 or so. The kids and I will probably hit Chick Fil A on the way home or eat out of the freezer, so Jeff's on his own. I tried to convince him to plan something to cook for all of us for dinner but I don't think he likes that plan. LOL

The pesto Chicken from last week was so yummy, we're having it again tonight! ANd yes I know my menu says veggies every night, but I dont usually plan out what veggies to go with each meal, I just throw out whatever I've got in the fridge or freezer.

Monday: Pesto Chicken, Veggies, Fruit

Tuesday: Steak, Baked potatoes, veggies

Wednesday: Ham and Broccoli quiche

Thursday: Fend for yourself night

Friday: Breakfast for dinner

Saturday: Pork Chops, Broccoli, Veggies

Sunday: Grilled Cheese and soup

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