Saturday, November 01, 2008


It's National Blog Posting Month! which of course gets shortened to NaBloPoMo(try saying that ten times fast!) The goal of NaBloPoMo, is to post every day for 30 days. Last year I set out to do it, but I don't think I made it. The fact that I had a new baby didn't help I'm sure. So anyway, I'll be posting every day for the month of November. Now I just have to come up with 29 more things to talk about...


Brianna said...

I'm doing it again this year too! said...

Steph, thank you so much for your wonderful donation to Mariah. I can't even thank you enough. I know it's hard these days to come up with extra money and your gift was so generous. Thank you so very much!

Di said...

We are in it together

Slovebunny said...

Ok so I just noticed you updated your blog today.
So I am going to do this even though I missed the very 1st day. I say it was because I was unaware of the plan. Hehhehe.
Kind of like Oct is National Breast Cancer Awareness. You can't do anything until you know...
So now I am in the know!

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