Friday, September 04, 2009

Kitchen update 4:

Well we're two weeks into the remodel. I was initially told it would take two weeks total, but I figured that was a bit optimistic. The cabinets are just about finished.

The first three pics are from earlier in the week, the next two are close ups of the crown. It's hard to take pics in there right now because everything is covered in tape and plastic because it's all getting stained today.

After the cabinets are done sometime this weekend, no one is going to be here working again until Wednesday. Hopefully then we'll get the granite templated and put in. Then we'll just need to get the drywall patched and painted and the back splash installed. Lastly will be the floors. Hopefully in another week or two we'll have a kitchen again. :-)

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Sarah said...

The crown molding looks great. It looks like you'll have a ton of storage space too. I can't wait to see the cabinets all stained.