Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What did you do today?

It seems like since Amelia started preschool again, we are always on the run. It's good though, I think I'm better at time management when I've got things pretty scheduled. Here's what we accomplished today.

Up at 6
Make Breakfast,
Unload the dishwasher
Start a load of laundry,
Get kids up
Make the beds,
Kids dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed
Put laundry in dryer, start another load,
Pack Amelia's snack
Leave for preschool.
Return home 1.5 hours later
Home for an hour.
Do more laundry,
Pay Bills
Make Costco list
Find pattern for Jeff's Halloween costume (he's going to be Fred Flintstone.)
Pack lunch for Anthony and I.
Head back to preschool
Take the kids to the park to play and eat lunch,(No lunch was actually consumed by aforementioned children.)
Go to the bank, (Big mistake taking my two children inside the bank. Note to self, from now on if it can't happen at the ATM, it ain't happening!)
Drive to Costco
In and out of Costco for under $150 dollars and in less than 2 hours. Amazing. Should have skipped trying to make the kids eat lunch, they liked the Costco samples way better.
Now we're home, the Costco stuff has been put away, dinner is planned for tonight, Ant is napping and Amelia is watching a cartoon. And I'm sitting here eating my lunch. Now I have to go put away all the laundry I've done today, pick up the toys a little, and clean out the cat box. Oh and I have a dentist appointment as soon as Jeff gets home from work. Isn't my life exciting and glamorous? :-D

That's how my Wednesday is going, how's yours?