Friday, November 06, 2009

Overheard today

Mama #1 "Do you think that woman knows her butt is hanging out?"

Mama #2 "I don't know, you'd think she'd feel it, it's really cold in here."

Yes this conversation occurred today at story time at our local library. It's a large group of caregivers and children, and there were at least forty people there. This mom was sitting on the floor in the front row and she was wearing those awful low rise jeans. (I'm sure they look great on someone, but it sure isn't me or a lot of other mamas) She also had a really short shirt on. Standing up she looked nice. When she sat down though, the problem presented itself. For the whole story time, I and the 38 other people in the room saw her ass. And I don't mean the jiggles above the butt, we were looking at full on crack. I felt really bad for her, but I figured going up to her after the stories were finished and letting her know about the problem would just embarrass her further.

So internet, what would you have done? Would you have quietly moved next to her during story time and said something? Waited until afterward and mentioned it politely for next time? Or would you do what I did, which was nothing at all? (Although I did refrain from pointing and laughing so that's good right?)


Sugar Pop Ribbons said...

Doing nothing is the right thing. I am sure she knew her butt was hanging out. I mean, is there anyone that un-self aware?! Maybe she wanted to show off her butt crack. LOL!

Slovebunny said...

I would have totally let my child who notice say something to her! Then you don't have to and well he's a child and noticed it first and wouldn't feel embrassed about saying something to her :P

Jennifer said...

That is terrible that she would sit in the front row with all the kids there with her butt hanging out! I would say something if I wasn't so shy.