Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday: The blinds

So I know the topic of this Tackle is not very exciting. Really, who cares about vertical blinds? Well I do! Since we got our windows put in last June, the blinds over the sliding door have been broken. The window people broke them; they were also supposed to repair them but that didn't happen. The were still intact, but we couldn't open or close them. Jeff's friend Mike got rid of his blinds and happened to have the piece we needed for ours. The new piece (which is about 10 feet long) has been sitting on my porch for the last week. So today I decided I'd just fix it myself. Amelia offered to be my assistant and hold the drill for me. :-)

First, I had to take the old blinds down. Then I had to clean everything, the piece from my front porch was filthy and it had definitely been a while since I washed the blinds in the house too. Next I took the old blinds apart completely. Finally I was able to put it all back together again with the new pieces and rehang it all. I probably won't attempt taking the vertical blinds down again on my own, it's heavy and really awkward. But on the plus side, we can eat dinner without the sun in our faces. Woohoo.

What are you tackling this week? Leave me a comment and tell me about it.


Sarah said...

Wow. I'm seriously impressed. Way to go, Steph!

TwentyFour7Auntie said...

I'm going to be a day late on my Tackle it Tuesday...as I will be dusting and cleaning the kitchen walls and our ceiling fan that has been throwing dust everywhere in the kitchen, tomorrow!