Monday, August 15, 2005


Okay I have about a million other things I should be working on, but instead I made these today while Amelia was sleeping. They actually turned out pretty cute. I'd love to hear comments, I was thinking about making some others for other people and input would be great.


Nicky Stade said...

Wow, those are adorable! My MIL made the kids' first initials to hang on the bedroom wall (they all share a room), and they turned out cute. She just bought the letters and painted them, though. I think it's a nice way to decorate a kids room!

Nicky Stade said...

Oh...another thing...if you do end up making some up for other people and want to sell them...let me know. My friend Alexis & I are coordinating a Christmas boutique at our church. =) No one who has signed up so far does this! (Don't mean this as a spam, of course...LOL I just thought I'd mention it!)