Thursday, August 25, 2005

Weight watchers

So I finally did it, I joined weight watchers! Just the online version for now, but it's still really great. There are a lot of useful tools, meal planners, calculators etc. It helps me to write down everything I eat, and I'm seeing how many "points" I can save by just using the lower fat version of something, and I actually don't mind the difference. I'm also incorporating a lot more veggies into what I'm eating. I'm actually eating a lot more food than I was before, and I can tell that I feel more stable throughout the day, not so much of the ups and downs. Another positive is my milk supply seems to be positively affected, yesterday she only had one bottle and that was more so daddy could feed her than anything. :-)

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Nicky Stade said...

I just posted on my blog about why I haven't lost my final baby weight...I've never been concerned with my weight before, but I recently ate 1/2 a box of otter-pops all by myself. I think I have a problem...LOL Now excuse me while I peek in the freezer...shhhh ;o)