Saturday, August 20, 2005

Today we drove up to Long Beach to look at some condos, one was $225k and the other was $250k. They were both 2 bedroom 1 bath. We didn't like either one, they were both pretty ghetto. The areas weren't that nice, and the buildings looked pretty poorly taken care of. So far anything we could afford is smaller than our apartment and is just not somewhere we'd like to live. Oh well we'll keep looking, if we find something, great, if not thats okay too. We had lunch while we were in LB and drove around looking at some different areas. Of course the areas we like are out of our price range to buy in. We stopped at a park so I could go to the bathroom, it was a nice park, with access to the beach, I think we'll have to go back when Amelias not asleep.

Not much else going on, I finished the scarf I was knitting my sister, I'll post pictures of it later. I'm going to start a hat for one of the kids next.

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