Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I am amazed at how the mind of a two year old works. Amelia is having a little bit of a rough time lately, Daddy has been home for 2 weeks, Mommy is tired and can't lift anything over 15 pounds, and there is this little baby who is getting all the attention, and we keep telling her to stop touching him.

Luckily so far, she is in love with her brother. She will run out of her room yelling "where's my baby Amphony?" If he cries she will try and comfort him. If he isn't in the bassinet she will go around the house looking for him. She will sit and watch me feed him and ask all sorts of questions. She is a great big sister.

Today I saw what a little girl she has turned into though. She loves to sit at my computer and watch videos. Jeff came into the computer to check on her, and found her sitting with the newborn pictures from the hospital. She had ripped them. One tear, but it had gone through a few pictures. Jeff got angry and sent her out of our room. She got really upset when I sent her to her room. A few minutes later, I had her come talk to me. She was so upset. I asked her why she ripped the pictures. She told me it was her baby Anthony. Then she said "Mama it was stuck. Baby Amphony was stuck. I like a picture."

She was trying to get her own picture of her brother. She has a little photo album that she carries around with her, and she is always finding more pictures for me to put in her album. I guess she just wanted one of her little brother.

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