Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's hard!

I'm tired.

But it's not the new baby that's exhausting me. It's his big sister. She is just being a crazy girl and it's making it really hard for Mommy. The first few days home were okay, yesterday was horrible, and today has been so so. She gets in this mood where she goes from thing to thing, each hting progressively more destructive or crazy than the last. I can hardly get one disaster cleaned up before she starts again. I was feeding Anthony yesterday, and halway through his feeding, ( so maybe 7 minutes I was sitting down not paying attention to her) and she had gone in her room, pooped and smeared it all over. Her bed, her rocking chair, some toys... She was trying to change her self and had gotten the poop all over, so then she was trying to clean it up. Her hands feet and hair were also coated. In 7 minutes. Poor ANthony is never going to get a whole feeding in. LOL

Part of the problem is we still have a lot of junk in our house. We struggle with getting rid of things. SO we end up with piles of stuff, and Amelia loves to get into those piles. It's hard because a lot of the time it's not my stuff so I can't just throw it out. And jeff's trying to get our storage unit cleaned out so more stuff keeps coming home. I'm all for throwing everything in the unit it a dumpster, minus a few big things, but apparently you're supposed to look at the stuff before you toss it. LOL I'm really glad he's working on getting the storage cleaned out, but in the process, the extra piles and boxes are even harder for me to deal with. Not sure where I'm going with this, I guess I'm just venting a little.

All of that being said, I'm doing pretty good. I have a great baby, a hubby who works his butt off to take care of us, and a 2 year old who can be a total sweetheart when she wants to!

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Audra Marie said...

One of my daughters did the poop smearing thing once, too. Not fun. I hope you manage to rest and that things smooth out a little more for you.

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