Friday, November 16, 2007


I am really frustrated with clothes. I only gained 15 pounds with this pregnancy, and have already lost more than that. But things seems to have shifted. My maternity pants are way too big, they didn't fit right when I was pregnant, I can't get them to stay up at all now. Yesterday I got out the bin of my regular pants that were in the garage, and while I can get most of my jeans on and buttoned, they are so uncomfortable! Because I had a c section, my incision is still pretty sore, and I just can't wear the jeans yet. Someone suggested I try wearing dresses, well I don't really have any dresses. I wear jeans every day. I did find one pair of regular capris that don't hurt, but I can't wear them every day!

So since I can't wear my jeans, and the maternity stuff doesn't fit either, I have been wearing yoga pants or pajama pants every day. I'm sick of pajamas! It's been 3 weeks. I know I was able to get into my jeans by 6 weeks after I had Amelia, but I don't want to wait 3 more weeks to be able to wear normal pants.

Maybe I'll just go buy a couple pairs of regular pants, they'd probably be a little more comfortable on my incision than jeans...

Seriously though, what do most women do after they have a baby? Just wear pajamas for 6 months after??

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Slovebunny said...

Good job on 15lbs...are you going to WI's or doing online WW's?