Wednesday, November 07, 2007

There are many people in Southern California who cannot afford to buy a house. Over the last years, the housing market has gone crazy, and left homeownership out of reach for many Californians.

However the recent downturn in the market, has had one positive affect, for many of us, homeownership is once again a possibility. It seems to be a buyers market again. I keep an eye on the Multiple Listings Service and have seen many more houses on the market for a long time. I am also seeing a lot of houses with their prices reduced. We're hoping in the next year or two that things will come down even more and we can buy our perfect home.

When we do go to buy a home, we'll probably be using a loan that Jeff can get because he was in the military. So far that's the best option for us. However, before we buy anything we'll do a lot more research on loans. If you're looking for a home loan,(or if you're a broker looking for clients) you might go see Modernlend's website acts as a middleman on your behalf, they will send you leads for loans. Their fee is a $20 charge per lead. If you're looking for mortgage leads is a good place to start.

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