Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Because I said so!

My kid cracks me up sometimes.

For months she has had this saying that I could not figure out. It sounds like "because a so so." She says it when she knows she's done something really wrong.

Typical uses of this saying would include

Me: Why did you spread poop all over the bath tub?
Amelia: Because a so so!


Me: Amelia, why did you pick up your brother? You're not supposed to touch him without mommy's help!
Amelia: Because a so so Mommy!

Well, I finally figured out what she means. Are ya ready for this? It's because I said so! Where does she get this stuff? I don't say that to her (she isn't in the why phase yet so I have no reason to say that yet.) So yeah, my sassy little two year old, when she knows she is in trouble tells me she did it "because I said so Mommy."

I'm gonna be in so much trouble when she reaches college.


Unknown said...

Oh, you'll be in trouble before college. :)

Judging from what I know so far, you will be in trouble in about ... ummm ... the 4th grade.


I'm in deep too!

*An Iowa Mom*

Brianna said...

Evelyn says "because I said". She doesn't understand that I am asking her "why" and that I want an explanation. And she doesn't mean it in a sassy way (at least I don't think so) but that's her way of telling me why. Poop in the bath tub? Ewww.