Saturday, December 01, 2007 Yes, it's a funny name for a website. However, it seems like a pretty cool site.

Basically it works like any other search engine. You use their site, and search for whatever you are looking for. I did a few searches for things I had looked up on Google in the last few days ( check engine light flashing on a honda civic was one of those searches) and I could tell no difference in the quality of the results. They also have previews of the website available in some instances, and I liked that. I didn't see any negatives to using their site. It ran quickly and I got good information. The bonus is that you can also Search and Win at The website works like any other search engine, they get revenue from ads. To get people to come visit them instead of any other search engine, they give some of the money back to the users. Random users doing a search are selected to win prizes. According to their website, the prizes available right now are an Amazon gift card, an ITunes gift card, and some cold hard cash. I'll take all of the above thanks!

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Rachel said...

Sounds like a fabulous search engine alternative :-)
I saw you on TM and had to stop in and say Hi. Your punkin' pic is adorable!!!