Friday, January 04, 2008

Playing together

Amelia and Anthony played together for the first time yesterday. When I'm in my room folding laundry I put Anthony in the middle of the bed, he loves to look up at the light and celing fan. I had him propped up a little bit on a pillow,so he could see Amelia. She got all the rest of the pillows and built a car around him and herself. She even got a small pillow as her steering wheel. She would "buckle up" Anthony and her babies, then get in her seat and drive them all over. They both seemed to have fun. I think Anthony loved the attention from his big sister. He kept smiling when she would turn around and talk to him. Amelia is very much into dramatic play lately, I can see her imagination really taking off and I love it.


Tiara said...

Aww are you totally enjoying having two or what?! Mason is really getting into imaginative play too. He has a three drawer (plastic) toy organizer...he takes the red drawer MUST be the red drawer and sits in it then says "momma I'm in a rocketshit going to outer space" LOL No that's not a typo that's what he says!

Sophia said...

It's great when they start to play together. I love it.