Saturday, August 08, 2009

Even more kitchen decisions

I need to pick out a sink and faucet. There wasn't a lot of selection at home depot, I guess I need to find a plumbing supply store or something like that? Where do people normally go to buy a sink?

I do like these faucets, although every time I see another one I'm amazed at the price. These range from $200 to $350 or so.

And we still haven't made a decision on the granite. We went back today and I took pictures of the actual slabs they have in the yard. Here are the two I like.

The first one is the Giallo one from the post below, and the second is the New Venetian Gold. Maybe I should flip a coin. :-)

And once I decide on this stuff, I need to call and get a new auto insurance quote. I'm not sure how happy we are with our current insurance. I hate doing all of this stuff and making decisions.


Amanda,, Travis, and Izabel Rainha Felton said...

I like the first of the two

Sarah said...

We got our kitchen faucet at Costco. It was brushed nickel and looks pretty good but it isn't super expensive like at home depot or lowes.

It's hard to say which countertop is better since you can't see the cabinet, flooring, or wall color right next to it. Initially the second one seems more appealing to me, but it's got quite a bit of pink in it, so the first one might be more versatile, and the first one is still really attractive.

Brianna said...

I like the 1st faucet and the Giallo granite :)