Saturday, August 01, 2009

The phone

Have I ever shared here that I hate talking on the phone? It's one of those things that Jeff and I go around about. He always wants me to speak to people on the phone. His family, random people he knows, the guy doing our kitchen, whoever. I'm pretty sure Jeff thinks it's like a public speaking anxiety or something, but really, it's not. For whatever reason, I can not hear well on the phone. It's better with people who I speak to regularly maybe because I can figure out what they are saying more easily? Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Jeff is convinced he will fix this about me by making me talk to people. I wish I could make him understand that this is not the case. If anything it makes me more anxious about talking on the phone. I love email and texting because I can often get around the talking on the phone stuff. What about you, what weird things do you hate?

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