Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh krap!

That is exactly what I thought when I walked into my kitchen and saw this.

I was busy keeping the kids from helping with the Demo, so I really didn't get a good look until they were all done.

It's a little bit scary. The cabinets are in pieces, the counter tops are in the dumpster and I sold our appliances, so there is no way to put it all back together again. Eep.

The weird pattern on the walls is where the ugly faux brick was. I'm not sure it was pretty when it was originally installed and a bad paint job over the top did not help.

That used to be my pantry. We took it out completely and will have cabinets there. Before it just looked like an odd closet in the middle of the kitchen.

And there's a before picture.

I just keep reminding myself that this will be all beautiful when it's done. For now, this is my whole kitchen. I have a card table I can put up to prepare food on. And our new fridge is in the corner of the dining room. (Yes that's my son trying to run off with the cheerios while I take pictures. LOL)

I know I said I'd update on Fridays but I just had to post these pictures after I had a mini freak out yesterday. I'll be back with another update on Friday.

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Sarah said...

Whoa. I am impressed with your new "kitchen". It looks very organized and very, well, small. I wish you all the best in your journey of food preparation over the next few days.