Monday, October 12, 2009

Amelia has the day off of school today for Columbus day. So I had to do my workout with two kids. (I've been doing a modified version of the couch to 5k. Yes my f@t @ss is running for short amounts of time. Amazing huh? ) I usually just have Anthony with me, he rides in the stroller, eats a snack, plays with toys and randomly throws things out onto the pathway. I figure it's an extra workout dodging the sippy cups and bending down to pick up his blankie without stopping. Anyway the point is I had Amelia with me today. We brought her bike and went to a different spot today. There is a trail by my house that is paved for bicyclists (and sometimes horses) but it's car free. She had a great time riding with us, and she loved it when Anthony would drop something, she'd get all excited, turn around and ride back to get it. I actually had a great workout and didn't spend as much time thinking about how much my feet hurt, or how tired I was by the 10th running session. Maybe I should bring her more often!


LegalMommy said...

I love C25k! I'm doing it too. What week are you on?

TwentyFour7Auntie said...

Hmm..What is this Couch to 5k your talking about..I'll have to google that in a minute.

I need get my f@t @ss up and working out. hehe :)

Too bad you live so far! I need a workout buddy!

Slovebunny said...

Awesome Steph I didn't know you were running too!
see I have noi excuse.. if you can WO with 2 little ones dragged along with you then what the heck am I complaining about!


Victoria said...

Holy son is Anthony and we were talking about if we had a girl we'd name ameila..