Monday, September 12, 2005

It's Monday

I'm having a great day for a Monday. Amelia and I went grocery shopping, got lots of food we needed, and some we didn't I bought Jeff some junk food he should be happy about. Got him stuff I don't like so I don't have to worry about me eating it. :-)

I've finally got Amelias room all finished up, I'd like to paint her dressers but thats a pretty big project so it's done for now. It's totally baby safe, and a bunch of her toys are in there now. She will play in there for an hour at a time!! I just close off the bathroom and our bedroom doors so if she decides to go on an adventure she can't get hurt. It leaves me free to do stuff ( like cleaning out the fridge which I just finished, OH JOY!)I just check on her every few minutes and she is happy as can be. She plays much better when she can't see me. It's like if she sees me, she whines and wants to be picked up. If she can't see me she is content to play. I can peak in on her without her seeing me.

I had my weigh in this morning, I lost 4.5 lbs!!! I'm thinking it's a fluke but who knows. Last week was only 1 lb so maybe it's just averaging out. For what I'm eating I should lose 2 lbs a week. So yeah, the scale this morning totally made my day. :-)

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