Monday, September 12, 2005

One more thing...

...about baby food.

Anyone know when babies can have cheerios? Amelia eats the veggies puffs really well not sure when they can have cheerios though. We tried the jarred baby food for lunch today, and she wasn't crazy about it! It's really difficult to take her home made stuff to work with me every day, and make sure it gets defrosted but not too warm , I'm hoping that she will warm up to the jarred stuff. I'm planning on giving her my concoctions like normal at home, and letting her eat the jarred at work until she gets better at eating, then I can just mash up veggies and stuff at work for her.

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Nicky Stade said...

She should be able to handle cheerios & any other easily dissolvable things just fine now. Don't they grow up so fast? =)