Friday, September 02, 2005

I have been working on redoing Amelia's room. I'll take pictures when I'm all done, her bedroom is light blue, (the color is called Little Boy Blue, the first U/S said she was a boy) anyway, I'm doing mostly white furniture. The bedding and everything is mostly pink with some blue and purple, and it's all flowers and butterflies. Anyway, I'm trying to decide which switch plate covers would go better in her room. I already ordered the pink and white ones...

Don't Trip
but then I just found these and I'm wondering if they'd be cuter. Anyone???

Don't Trip

I know it's probably silly to do all of this to her room, but I'm doing it all myself so it's not costing much, and I just want her to have a bedroom thats special.

On another topic, we have to do more babyproofing this weekend. Amelia is getting into everything, we need to move the computer out of the living room, probably going into our bedroom. I have to figure out how to move the cable modem since our phone is also digital, and comes in through the modem.


Anonymous said...
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Nicky Stade said...

Hmmmm...both of the switch covers are supercute. It's hard to decide without seeing the bedding. Let us know what you finally decide!