Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Still sick. Still feel like krap. Kids are still driving me crazy, although Amelia is trying, she told Anthony not to jump on me because I don't feel good. Sweet girl. :-) So in between loads of laundry, I'm laying in bed watching cartoons with the kids and looking for stuff online. My kids don't need clothes really right now, but that doesn't mean I can't look does it? I thought Gymbo was expensive, and then I discovered catimini. Now some of their stuff is cute. Take this poncho for instance.

I think Amelia would probably love it.

Anyone want to guess how much it costs?

It's now on sale at half off and is still more than I would spend, but I'm talking about the original sale price. Are you ready for this? It's $92. For a little sweater thing! Seriously? If someone can really afford to pay that for a sweater for their preschooler, can you send me some $$? Cause I could use it for something important like food or gas or preschool.

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