Thursday, December 18, 2008

Now what do I do?

Today has been a weird day. The kids slept in until 8 so instead of the regular getting up time of around 6, I got to sleep until almost 8. It's totally thrown off my whole day. Also not helping is the fact that my niece got a hold of her Mama's cell phone at 2 am and called my cell phone (conveniently placed 12 inches from my head on the night stand) repeatedly.

Anthony is napping and Amelia is coloring and it's just quiet around here. I have a few loads of laundry to do, and I need to mop the hardwood, but other than that, the house is fairly clean. (Can I just say how much I miss having cleaning people? I think it was worth getting pregnant just to not have to do the heavy cleaning for almost a year. )

I know what we're having for dinner (whole wheat pasta, Salad and baked sweet potatoes), and Amelia has had lunch. I don't have any bows that need to be made, Christmas shopping is done. There aren't any shows on the DVR that I can watch with Amelia awake. Now what do I do??? This may be the first time since I had Anthony I haven't had 37 things that needed to be done immediately. Weird.

ETA: Thirty seconds after I posted this Anthony woke up screaming, the laundry buzzed in the dryer and Amelia peed on the bathroom floor, so I guess things are back to normal.

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