Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm sick. And it sucks, because I'm a big baby. I took some cold medicine though so I don't feel as sick, but now I feel like my head is off in outer space somewhere. I swear this stuff makes me loopy. I'm bummed that I got sick now, we had stuff planned this week, a birthday party tomorrow, and I was supposed to go out on Wednesday. Not going to happen if I'm feeling like this. Maybe I just need more caffeine. I wonder if I can convince Jeff to get me an espresso machines for my birthday.

Amelia is begging me to go to the park and Anthony is waking up from his nap, so I guess it's time to go for a walk to the park. I told her we'd go yesterday but we never made it.


Connel said...

Use some sudafed nasal spray. It was a big help for me last time I had a cold. It will shrink your little nasal mucus membranes right up!

Unknown said...

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Thank you.