Friday, December 05, 2008

Am I ready for this?

I did it. I signed Amelia up for preschool. I wasn't sure if we would get in or not; there were 3 spaces for January remaining when I called yesterday, but they hadn't done any of the registrations yet. So I called my dear husband at work and ,harassed him, threatened him, asked him nicely to fax everything over to them. And I just checked and they billed my credit card. So, I'm assuming that means we're in! They only notify you if you don't get in, which I think is not cool but whatever. So for 9 hours a week my kid will be in someone else's care. I will have to volunteer some in the class, so at least I'll be around, but I'm still a little nervous. However, I think she is more than ready. She is obsessed with the idea of school and she loves going to gymnastics. I think she will thrive in school once she gets used to it. Now I just have to get used to idea.


Slovebunny said...

Thats like so awesome though. I'm happy for you that she is excited.
Just think you'll only have Anthony at home for those whole 9 hours a week. Imagine what you can do :)

Momof3 said...

You'd think that with your child being excited to go to school, that it would make it easier for mom. It doesn't. lol I think I'm actually going to have a harder time with my youngest than I did with my oldest. Good luck.

Tiara said...

Aw, momma (()) I'm struggling with the idea of sending Mason to preschool next year. Not sure what I'm gonna do yet! LOL