Friday, December 26, 2008

We survived!

I guess it's a sign of adulthood that I'm a little glad Christmas is over for this year? Mostly I just want to take the darn tree down so I will stop finding ornaments all over the house. (Thank you Anthony, my little redistribution king.)

We had a great Christmas eve at my friend Kathy's house. I think my kids got almost as many toys there as they did at home on Christmas morning! Speaking of Kathy, it's her birthday today. So you should all go to her blog and harass her wish her a Happy Birthday. Anyway, it was a very nice evening. Then we came home and I was up until 3AM putting together the kitchen that Santa got the kids. Next year, Santa's on his own for assembly! LOL Everyone slept in though and we didn't get up to do presents until 9, which was a good thing considering Anthony was up and down all night. Poor kid does not do holidays and not going to bed in his bed on time very well. It tends to mess up his sleep for a few days afterwards.

Christmas morning was nice, Amelia loves the kitchen. Anthony loves the cleaning set my mom got them, he has been carrying around the broom ever since. Today I'm going to take the tree down and work on putting the house back together, I swear it was clean on Wednesday, not sure how it got trashed in one day!

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Momof3 said...

I would love to take my tree down today but as we have been shoveling snow all morning, I suppose that will have to wait. My husband is still out there with the snowblower. glad to hear you had a nice Christmas.