Monday, August 17, 2009

Mama guilt

We had some excitement at our house over the weekend. And it wasn't really a good kind of excitement either. Remember how I'm packing up my kitchen? Well Ant pulled the food processor onto the floor, it popped open and the blade fell out. Mia promptly stepped on the blade. Eight stitches and a whole lot of pain and screaming later and she's good as new, but I feel horrible. I was standing right next to them when it happened, and it was over pretty quickly so I'm not sure what I could have done differently, but I still feel badly.

The odd thing is after the initial gush of blood, it really didn't bleed much here at home. We weren't sure at first if it would need stitches. We did end up in urgent care later that morning just to be safe. I stayed in the waiting room with Ant, and Jeff took Mia back to see the doctor. He texted me from the exam room that the nurse said it didn't look bad at all and the doctor just had to look at it and they'd be done. Then apparently the doctor arrived and disagreed with the nurse. He pulled the cut apart which made Mia scream, and the wound gush way more blood than it had at home. I could hear her screaming in the waiting room. :-( I'm glad I sent Jeff back with her, because he and the nurse had to hold her down while the doctor stitched it up.

So yeah, that's how our weekend went. Mia is really sad that she's out of ballet for two weeks, but she's having fun getting to watch lots of TV and we've been doing huge amounts of crafts and reading lots of stories. We had to go to Ikea this weekend and she got to ride in the stroller while Ant walked, and she thought that was pretty cool.


TwentyFour7Auntie said...

Aww poor sweetheart!!! That HAD to hurt~! Owies.

Don't blame yourself Steph. We all know, things happen. Most we don't have control over. It could have happened to anyone!

Praying for a speedy recovery!

Brianna said...

Poor baby. Hope she heels soon so she can go back to ballet :)

Sarah said...

Oh! So sorry to hear about that. It is no fun to hear your little one in pain. Accidents happen though. At least it stopped bleeding at home so you could wait until Jeff got home. Could you imagine chasing Anthony around and having the doctor rip open her cut?