Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Conversations with yeah yeah...

If you ask Amelia to say her name, she says "yeah-yeah".

I was finishing breakfast this morning when Amelia noticed that I had food and she didn't.

Amelia- I'm hunree Mama. (While trying to take food out of my hands)

Me- You're hungry?

Amelia- Nope. Is it goo?

Me- Yes it's good. Do you want some?

Amelia- Nope. Wanna bite? Yummy. (Now she has climbed into my lap and is again trying to take food out of my hands. I give her a bite of my veggie burger and some corn.)
Amelia- Tankoo mama. Is Yummy. ( Gives me a hug and takes off to go play.)

I love my "job".