Thursday, January 18, 2007


I tried to put a couple of Google ads up on my page, I thought I'd have that be one of my good things, and then I could send whatever I made to a charity.

Well apparently my content is questionable, and I have been denied. HA HA.

Maybe it's my posts about potty training and poop?

On another note, today Amelia has gone in the potty twice. No accidents so far. Could potty training really be this easy???

She is hilarious though, she has to get a book before she will sit. I think she has been watching daddy too much.

Edited to Add: While I was writing this she tried to go poop on her potty by herself. Maybe diapers aren't such a bad thing??? LOL


Jen said...

Funny :) I think the same thing happened to Faythe and she does not even talk about poop. Hhehehee

Undercover Mother said...

Okay, I regularly drop the "F" bomb on my site, and I have Gooogle ads, so I would try again if I were you! said...

I think girls are easier to potty train than boys. My Bella has pretty much trained herself and she just turned two. I love it when it's easy! :-)