Sunday, January 21, 2007

I think I forgot to post an update on the fruit leather. It turned out really good. It looks like the fruit leather that you'd buy in the store. It's just cheaper and probably a little healthier. Anyway, my friend's kid loved it, mine didn't. LOL Oh well, I guess I made some snacks for playgroup. Maybe I'll distribute them at her birthday party. LOL

I worked on one of the shopping cart covers last night. I gave my sister the one I originally made for me, so I am making one for myself now. When I first decided to make these, I bought a pattern. But, while it's functional, I don't like how it's made. So of course I have had to change it all around to how I want it to be. So apparently I'm not just making covers, I'm designing as well. So it's taking me longer to make. I'll post some pictures when I get done with it.

Okay I'm off to grocery shop now.

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