Monday, March 19, 2007

7 weeks

I am already starting to notice ways this pregnancy will be different. First off, I think it's going to be harder on Jeff. His job is a lot more stressful now than it used to be. At least it seems that way to me. Anyway, before I got pregnant with Amelia, I was working so at that point jeff was used to doing more around the house. He did laundry here and there, he helped more with cooking and cleaning. Since I started staying home with Amelia, he doesn't do much. Usually that's fine with me. I kind of see taking care of the house and Amelia as my job, while he goes to work every day. I do all the laundry and cooking, and cleaning. I'm already asking for more help, and I think it will be harder on him this time around.

The other thing is I just can't sleep as much as I would like to. LOL I am tired all the time (which has me a little worried since that was the first real sign of the Preeclampsia with the last pregnancy, I'm hoping it's just the normal beginning of pregnancy exhaustion and not anything else)While Amelia was sick she was up and down all night, and I'm definitely noticing the tiredness more this time. That or I have just forgotten! LOL

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