Friday, March 23, 2007


So, I have tried 3 times this week to go grocery shopping. Every time I either am too busy vomiting to leave the house or end up vomiting on the way to the store and have to turn around and come back home. We are quickly running out of food, so I decided yesterday to give a try. It's only 9.95 and it will all be delivered this afternoon.

I'm crossing my fingers that it all goes well. :-)

4 comments: said...

I'm going to make a guess on the sex of the baby, based on the fact that you are soooo quizy. BOY! My boys both made me sicker than my girl. But I also read (who knows where) that girls make their mommy's sicker because the woman has twice the hormones that cause nausea when they carry girls. I'm betting on a boy, but I have been wrong before.

Unknown said...

I'm with you. I gagged all the way through the grocery last week. Luckily, I am on new meds, and I am a bit better now.

I hope the end of the first trimester results in your feeling better!

(Fellow Oct. 2007 Mama)

Unknown said...

I'm curious to see how that goes. Don't forget to update us! (Albertsons)

Unknown said...

HAHAHA! I just saw that you already blogged about the groceries. *sigh*

bad day at work.