Sunday, March 18, 2007

It has begun...

I was really hoping to skip the morning sickness this time. I had a few bouts here and there on our trip, but mostly I was fine. Well the last week or so have been awful. I am nauseas constantly. If I get too hungry, I get nauseas. If I eat I get nauseas, nothing sounds appetizing except for carbs. I just want to eat bread and muffins. LOL But that's really not helping my *ahem* digestion. I am trying to make myself eat more salad and veggies but they seem to be harder on my tummy.

I'm also really grouchy and whiney. SOOO whiney. My poor husband. I'm sure he is sick of me already. I am also sick, and so is Amelia, which means we are all sleep deprived, which I'm sure is not helping my whineyness.

Will someone just knock me out for a few months?? K, thanks.

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It feels like it will last forever, but before you know it-- POOF, the first trimester is over and you feel wonderful again. I remember being oh so tired the first trimester. All I wanted to do was sleep. That's hard to do when you have a toddler too. But since you have a supportive and loving hubby, he should totally understand the whining and the need for naps. Hope you feel better soon!