Monday, March 05, 2007


So Jeff and I have some news. It is completely unexpected, but now that it's happened, we're happy.

I'm pregnant again. It's still really early ( why can't I be one of those chicks who wakes up and is 6 weeks pregnant?) No, I have to know before the test is even positive. Actually Jeff usually figures it out before I do. Anyway, I'm so not a good secret keeper, and I have other stuff I can't talk about in my blog right now, so this is a good topic.

I took a test over a week ago and it was negative. Then took one the next day and got one dark line, and one very faint line. So I took a few more tests, and each one had a very faint positive line. Then last Tuesday I got two dark lines.
According to babycenter, my due date is November 5th. Which means I'll probably have a kiddo the end of October, since I'll have another c section. All my mother had to say was why did you have to pick such a busy time of year? Three of my nieces have birthdays in October or early November. She also made some comment about already having lots of grandkids so I couldn't expect her to get to excited. I love my mother.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Having two really isnt that bad!

Slovebunny said...

OH girlY!!!!!!! said...

WONDERFUL news! Yayyy! Congrats; I'm sooo excited for you! said...

And, I have to add: Having two babies at the same time is so awesome. They will grow up so close.

Bella was 17 months old when I had Noah. Austin was 11 and has been so much help and such a nurturing older sibling. It's a handful sometimes, but we have so much fun!

Jen said...

Congrats :) What exciting news!

Unknown said...


Regarding timing, a coworker of mine has 2 kids born in April and is expecting one more in April as well. Can you imagine the $ for brithday parties that month???

Undercover Mother said...

Well, see, that's what you get for finishing Amelia's room!

The universe decided that now you need to start on a nursery!

Congratulations, I have three and wish I could have had more. You'll love it.