Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I think I was off the first time I tried to figure out my due date. I just put the dates in again on baby center and it says I'm 8 weeks pregnant. I guess we'll see what the doctor says Monday, I'm not sure how it works, Kaiser doesn't usually do more than one U/S so I'm not sure how they will figure out how far along I am. Maybe I will get an extra ultrasound.

In other news I have figured out how to dodge the puking for now... eating! Constantly. If I don't let myself get hungry I'm fine. That totally didn't work with Amelia, but so far it's working okay with this kid. I'm still exhausted though. Although apparently if I get out of the house, I feel better. Amelia and I went to AAA today to get new tags for my car. They expired while I was in Oregon. OOPS.

Every time I walk in Amelia's room, I see all the stuff I need to get done to have a baby in there. Did I mention our house only has two bedrooms? it's perfect for us in every other way, has enough bathrooms, the bedrooms are good sized, the living area is huge, we have a huge two car garage, but we only have two bedrooms. SO Amelia and peanut will have to share a room at some point. Cross your fingers this one is a girl, so we don't have to move. LOL

Oh and one more thing. My mom turned 50 today.

Happy Birthday Mom! Amelia sent her Gree-Ma flowers, wasn't that nice of her? :-)

My poor mom, she has had a rough time the last few years. Both of her sisters passed away before they reached 50 and I think mom was pretty scared that she wouldn't make it there either. Her life however is completely different, my aunts left this world because of choices they made. Other than smoking my mom is pretty darn healthy. She goes to the doctor and gets check ups. She is not overweight. She is on a low sodium, and low fat diet. I wish she'd stop worrying and just enjoy her life. She struggles so hard with the fact that she smokes and can't seem to stop. I think it also got to her that my dad died last year. They hadn't been married in a long time but they still had some bond between the two of them. Probably the fact that they had kids together. And I don't think she ever stopped loving him, she just couldn't live with him and his choices. Anyway, I hope you have a great birthday mom!

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www.stepherz.com said...

Wow, your mom's been through it, hasn't she? My grandma has been smoking for over 50 years and is healthier than most 77 year olds. Until last year (she started getting scared of falls), she climbed up a ladder and cleaned out the gutters on her 2 story home! She's a fiesty one. I think with addictions like nicotine, you either have to quit or forgive yourself for doing it. There is that in between where you just feel guilty and beat yourself up and it isn't a fun way to live. I'm sorry too about your Pop. I'm sure that it is really hard on you both to lose him.

I only got one ultrasound too. They just saved it for the 20 weeks mark where they could actually size up all the organs and such. They ended up doing another unexpected ultrasound because of my placenta abruption, but that wasn't a fun ultrasound. If you are 8 weeks along, you are more than half way done with the nauseating first trimester! Yayyy!