Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The grocery shopping was great. The guy was so nice, carried everything into the kitchen for me, and everything was in great shape. Best $9 I spent all week. :-)

I had my first check up yesterday. It was with a midwife. She said they'd (the insurance company) would like me to try for a VBAC. (Vaginal birth after c section.) I am pretty scared about the whole thing, so that's a big decision. My doctor with Amelia told me I have a small pelvis and the chances of me pushing out a baby over 6 lbs was slim to none. Once I had my c section, she also said I would have a csection for any other kids I had. So anyway.

Oh and the midwife said she didn't want me to gain any weight and if I lost weight at the beginning thats fine. Which is funny since I weigh less now than I did when I got pregnant with Amelia. I did okay with her though, I gained 20 lbs or so, and had lost 35 by my 6 week check up.


www.stepherz.com said...

Seems a bit harsh to tell you not to gain weight. I think that's what pregnant women do, regardless of their starting weight. Don't be hard on yourself. You may not feel so hot these days, and food may not be as much fun as it was, say, a month ago. But you will be enjoying food again soon. I think you should eat when/what you want as long as it is healthy, and not put too much consideration into weight gain. I'm no doctor, but telling you not to gain any weight seems weird and insensitive. How can you gain baby weight, placenta, water, etc. without gaining weight? I know, after gaining 50+ pounds with Bella and Noah that the weight DOES come off. It's OK to nourish yourself and yor baby.

It made me feel better not to watch what the weight was when they weighed me, until my last few weigh ins. That way I could concentrate on just eating healthy, and not feeling guilty about food. They also showed me "concern" about my weight gain, and tried to make me feel crappy about the weight I was putting on. Funny thing is, I'm now smaller than any of those doctors. What DO they know about MY body?

Keep your chin up, and if you feel uncomfortable with the VBAC, maybe you could get another opinion? Women do VBAC all the time, and I think that if they think it is safe, it is so worth trying. But if your gut is telling you different, do what's best for you and get another opinion.

Boy, do I like to talk or what?

Undercover Mother said...

The INSURANCE company? Don't you just LOVE big corporations? Heck with your health! Your body will tell you what to do. Insurance companies...piffle!

As for the weight, I always just ate as healthy as was humanly possible and didn't worry about the rest. I just made sure I put in great stuff to build my little guys! And you're so young, you can totally take it off!

Slovebunny said...

You just take care of yourself Steph and eat healthy. Your body & God will take of the weight loss or gain. You need to make sure you do whatever is right for you. Don't let those insurance companies push you around now :)
Glad the grocery thing worked out for you. Hopefully soon you'll be back to the store yourself...that is if you want to :P
Love ya

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