Monday, February 04, 2008


Anthony rolled over all by himself on Saturday! He had rolled over a few times before, but it was always when he was on something soft like the bed, and I think that helped him roll. But now he's doing it all by himself!

He is reaching his milestones at a much different rate than his sister did, so I get a little worried, but so far he's within the normal ranges for everything except his vision. At two months he was not tracking objects well at all, so the doctor will check him again at 4 months to make sure everything is okay. He seems to be doing okay now with tracking stuff so I'm hoping he's just developing more slowly and that there isn't anything wrong with his eyes.

I have yet to catch his rolling on video but I keep trying.


The Mulleneaux Family said...

That is sooo cool he is rolling!! I love the pic that you see when you first log on! That is soooo cute!!! Congrats again on his milestone!

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