Friday, February 15, 2008


So I have a question for all you parents out there. How much control do you give your kids over their own clothes? Amelia and I have been battling lately. The child Will. Not. Wear. Socks. It's driving me crazy. I get socks and shoes out for her, and ask her to put them on herself, she will only put the shoes on. So next I try putting the socks and shoes on her myself. She takes off the socks and puts the shoes back on without them. It bugs me that she won't wear socks. Should I just let it go? Come on internet, give me some great parenting advice!

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Di said...

Do they bother her? Maybe the socks are too thick, too tight, too something. Would she try different one's? What if she picks them out? What if they have her favorite princess (or whatever) on them? Other than not being good for the shoes and making them stink, I guess it doesn't matter.

Does she run around barefoot all the time? What about at home? Maybe try socks with no shoes first?