Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday #3

This week I am reorganizing my kitchen cabinets. My kitchen is a little challenging because I'm so short,and half of each cabinet is back in the corner. So really, I can only reach about 30 percent of each cabinet without a stool. (Did I mention these are my only two big cabinets? Everything else useable is unde the counter.) Even with the stool I can not reach the top shelves, which is why you will notice no progress there.

Cabinet to the left of the stove- I got rid of a lot of stuff, and moved other stuff into this area.



This is the cabinet to the right of the stove. I moved a lot of stuff out of it , to the other cabinet. Now most of the cups and dishes and such are over there, which will make unloading the dishwasher and stuff much easier. It's still a work in progress, I'm going to move a lot of my baking stuff to this cabinet, but I need some more bins first.


Brenners said...

Looks wonderful! I started reorganizing my kitchen cabinets last summer. It's still waiting on me to come back to it. :~P Thanks for playing with me. :~)

Unknown said...

Great job! Good tackling! Come check out my awesome tackle!

Lynne said...

Looks great! Nice job tackling. I can't imagine what it's like to have an empty shelf! :-D


Corrin said...

looks great!


Amydeanne said...

it's amazing how they get messed up so fast isn't it? great job!

Tiara said...

Looks good!

Heather said...

Looks great! I've seen so many fellow tacklers working on kitchen cabinets, I decided I should probably tackle mine a little bit at a time. That wasn't my tackle this week, but this morning, I did clean out my canned goods cupboard. So thanks for the inspiration! ;o)