Thursday, April 10, 2008

The hunt is on.

We've been looking at houses to buy for a while and we're just not finding what we want. There are some nice condos out there but they tend to be in horrible school districts, or aren't big enough for us (with a girl and boy we need at least 3 bedrooms. They can share now but that won't work once they are high school.) Or when we do come across something nice it's out of our price range. Seriously, how do people afford a $400,000 1000 square feet condo? And then pay 300 a month in HOA fees, plus home insurance, plus 4 or 5000 a year in taxes? I guess that's why the housing market is doing what it's doing, people just can't afford it.

It's sad, but we've been looking at moving further out towards riverside. We haven't decided anything, it's not like we're in a big rush to move, we like the place we are renting now. But if we are going to move, I want to do it before Amelia starts school. We would miss being close to our friends though and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.


Kathy said...

You just tell Jeff, I KNOW where you live and I will hunt him down if you move to Riverside!

Di said...

Don't do it! If you decide to move to Riverside, check out the community well. Check out with the police any crime in the area. The problem is it is so diverse out there.

For that amount you should be able to find a home somewhere, therefore allowing you to skip the HOA fees.

Just check around more before thinking of moving there. Remember the traffic, the gas and the wear on your car for your husband!

Sophia said...

Housing prices are crazy even though the market is sliding. There is a house for rent up the street from us. I checked it out and it's 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath. The freaking rent is 5,400.00 a month! *cough, gag, couch*. LOL

I'm scratching my head on the "diverse" comment above. What exactly does that mean?