Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not too much has been going on around here. Anthony is teething, Amelia is not sleeping much and I'm still trying to get to the gym every day. I will be going tonight after Jeff gets home.

It's been hot as heck here, which means we're all a little uncomfortable even with the AC running. Our house just doesn't stay cool very well. Jeff had his first day as an official employee of his new company yesterday. ( He had to do a 3 month trial period first.) Woohoo for the benefits to start up again.

Our condo complex is repaving the driveways right now. At first Amelia thought it was cool, then it got loud and it all scared her. So today we have the curtains all closed up so it won't freak her out. And hey it helps keep things cool in here too. Although it does feel like we're in a cave. LOL

We have been working on getting rid of more junk from our house. There is just too much stuff in here ( as always. I think that will be the story until the kids are grown and gone. :-) ) Anthony is napping right now and Amelia is curled up next to me with a book. She has been really clingy lately, she sleeps with us, and wants to sit in my lap a lot. Not sure what that's all about. Maybe she is just now reacting to her baby brother being born.

My back is killing me today, not sure why. Maybe I need to get some better shoes for when I'm at the gym? It's been bothering me since I started going. Maybe I need to get a massage chair. That's probably not going to happen though.

Okay this is the most boring post ever! I'm sure my two readers are really sad about that.


www.stepherz.com said...

Sounds like some new shoes might help the back. Maybe you could ask around and find out if there are some exercises that are good for strengthening the back while you're there at the gym?

Dude! Noah is teething too and it's craziness. Those canine teeth are so fargin' mean!

Tiara said...

One of your two readers doesn't mind your boring post LOL I hope your back feels better!

Di said...

Hey it isn't boring. It is life. Maybe your back is adjusting to the working out, or it could be all the stuff you are doing at home.

Today was a bit cooler but I know what you mean. I feel like I should sit in one place in the house so I am nice and cool and the AC doesn't have to work too hard!

Undercover Mother said...

Hot as heck? HOT AS HECK? We had SNOW last week. SNOW. It's almost summer!

Even so, I have to say, I'd rather put up with all this wet than have to roast in the summer. I did it plenty of years (at the beach), but if I can't afford to live next to the ocean there, I'll take my rain!

Sophia said...

Sorry your back is hurting. Try not to over do it. We've been clearing out out clutter as well. It feels great! I can actually walk a straight line in certain parts of the house! LOL